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August 7, 2010 MAPP PROGRAM

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August 7, 2010 MAPP PROGRAM
August 7, 2010 MAPP August 7, 2010 MAPP

Red Poppy Art House
2698 Folsom
Pablo Velez Villegas
7:00–Hersalia Cantoral: an informal
conversation with a Red Poppy Resident
Artist from Chiapas, Mexico
Paintings: Fernando Diaz
Drawings: Hersalia Cantoral
Photography: Leo Docuyanan
Poetry Installation: Michael Warr
8:30–Claudio Santome: Piazzolla on
9:00–Nefasha Ayer: The Space of In Between
10:00–Michael Warr: Poetry on the
Armageddon of Funk
10:30–Bryan Robledo: MC/hip-hop en
11:00–La Gente: Reggae-Cumbia-Hip Hop

2754 Harrison
Jorge Molina and David Kubrin "
8:30–Intro by David Kubrin
9:05–Marc Kockinos, poetry
9:20–Rebecca Cross, singer songwriter
9:45–David Kubrin, poetry
10:05–Alejandro Chavez, singer song-
10:30–Tureeda Mikell, poetry
11:10–Jorge Molina and the Spontane-
ous Combustion Opera: Luis Carbo,
percussion, Rasul Greyson, saxophone,
Jose Vergelin percussion, Marcelo
Lacourt, drums
11:35–Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney, tribal
and improvisations
Wishing Tree by Anna Fizyta Mara
Kubrin will be serving drinks and Jerico
Lindsey, pecan pie

3109 24th @ Folsom
9:00–Live music by singer songwriter
Vanessa Verlee

Million Fishes
2501 Bryant Street
Lex Non Scripta & Finley Kipp
7:30-8:20–Chocolate Jesus, (Latin, Funk,
8:30-9:20–Johanna Suarez and crew
(live musica Colombiana)
9:30-10:15–La Gente: (Reggae, Latin,
10:20-11:00–L.A.T.V. “Portal of
Discards” art installation by Denise Joy
Amos is a graduated mixed media tube
encasing a series of illustrations. The
portal is comprised of donated &
discovered clothing, textiles and objects.
And exhibitions by the children of the
“Family Art” program
Esperanza Garden
19th @ Florida

Mina Girgis
12-5pm–Music Flea Market: Buy, sell,
exchange, trade, teach, learn, play,
dance, musical instruments, records,
audio equipment, dance costumes. Live
performances and pizza all day.

Ichthus Gallery
1769 15th Street
Soo Ryu and Jose Roslaes
4:00-4:45–Live music by Chocolate
Jesus, and live painting by Camille Motta
5:00-6:00–Carmen Roman :Afrocuban
percussion and dance
6:00-6:45–Screening of short film by
the Latino Film Festival
6:45 -7:30–Johanna Suarez and crew
(musica Colombiana)
7:30-8:00–Joan Cerqueiro.
“Los Hijos del Desvachan”: Permanent
Exhibition (Photography, Paintings, and
sculptures) by Alejandro-Meza Denisse,
Ogata-lava Enguita and additional
photography by Hanna Quebedo

L's Cafe
2871 24th Street
Allyson Seal
6:00-7:00–Chocolate Jesus
7:00-7:30–Barbara Murphy
7:30-8:00–La Gente
8:00-9:00–Bhi Bhiman
9:00-10:00–Alex Eccles of King Baldwin
Visual Art by: Love Story Machine–the
collective, Melisa Phillips, RUBYSPAM,
Howie Katz, Debra Regur

La Victoria Bakery
2937 24th Street
Jaime Maldonado
6:00-10:00–Live music by Classical
Revolution, Ruth Parry, World Sounds,
Guitar & Cajon. Paintings by Scott
Inguito and Ytaelena Lopez

Area 2881
2881 23rd Street (at Florida)
Carl Pisaturo
An immersive Micromuseum of operat-
ing Lumino-Kinetic and Robotic Sculp-
ture; 3D Photography; Structures and
Curiosities of human and natural origin.

Progressive Grounds Cafe
2301 Bryant @ 21st
6:00-8:00–Live music
Blue House
2548 Folsom
Tony Bravo
7:30–Vanessa Valencia, singer
8:00–Adam Cornford, poet and novelist
8:25–Theresa Dickinson, dancer and
Alejandro Chavez, singer
8:45–Tony Bravo,
vaudevillian-”Horizontally Speaking”
9:10–Xavier Jurado, singer-songwriter
9:30–Dash Kamm, poet
9:45–Martina Castro, singer and Jesse
Heurlin, guitarist–"Blue Heartbreak

Galería de La Raza
2857 24th Street
6:00-9:00–YTREBIL: Prints and draw-
ings by Enrique Chagoya. YTREBIL
features a survey of Chagoya's work
including monoprints, paintings and
Galeria de la Raza is pleased to present
YTREBIL, a solo exhibition featuring
prints and drawings by San Francisco
based artist, Enrique Chagoya. Born in
Mexico City in the mid-1950s, Chagoya
came to the U.S. in 1977. As a result,
his work is immersed in the contradic-
tions of "belonging" to both sides of the
border. Within the framework of his
work, "the border" refers not only to his
bi-national, bi-cultural identity, but also
to conceptual borders and the fine line
that divides colonial and post-colonial
interpretations of power.

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