Friday, April 17, 2009

Art vs. Crime: How the Mission's artists are helping neighbors feel safe after episodes of lethal violence (video)

This history was filmed by Cassidy and appeared at SANFRANCISCO I AM
Discussions of the dichotomous nature of the Mission approach tedium, with shootings in front of valet stands, or the whole delicate flower thing creating enough dramatic tension to launch a thousand newspaper columns.The organizers of the Mission Arts Performance Project (MAPP) aren't content to just wring their hands: they're doing what they can to boost the Mission's thriving arts community while acknowledging its more challenging sides with their bi-monthly, multidisciplinary, intercultural event night.Connecting visual artists, musicians, poets, dancers and poets, MAPP weaves together storefronts, warehouses, studios and homes to form an art walk that seems to turn into a huge multi-block party. Homeowners lay down stages in their living rooms, scraggly artists gussy up and serve hors d'oeuvres.The night of Saturday April 4, MAPP held its bi-monthly multidisciplinary, intercultural event night. Connecting visual artists, musicians, poets, dancers and poets,

Thank you, Cassidy!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jazz Mafia @MAPP

This photo was taken by Lauren Stower during the last MAPP. You can see more pictures from Area 365 here...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Use the hashtag #MAPPmission in your twitter, flickr, blog and FB status!


The day finally arrives, yeah!

Unfortunately, we finished the design of the printed program Wednesday night, and few people could not be in.
Thankfully, we live in a Internet era, and most of the people can get the information by Internet.

You can find the latest MAPP program here:

As you know, the nature of the Web is colaborative, like the MAPP. For that reason I am asking you to help us to document all that happen this night during MAPP.

Tagging helps to organize and share our online information with others. By attaching one or more keywords to a Flickr photograph, for example, we group it together with others that have the same tag. Hashtags serve a similar purpose on Twitter, the social micro-blogging service. The aim is to bring some order to Twitter users' published updates ("tweets") and make it easier to follow a topic of interest. And you don't necessarily have to be a Twitter user to get a benefit from hashtags.

1- If you have a blog (blogger, wordpress, etc), use one of the folllowing tag in your post: MAPP, Mission Arts and Performing Project, #MAPPmission
Also, remember to link the post to our blog

2- If you have pictures online, use the folllowing tag in your post: MAPP, Mission Arts & Performing Project, #MAPPmission
Also, you can join the MAPP group on Flickr:

3-If you have a twitter account, use the hashtag #MAPPmission in your tweets.

4- You can use the hashtag #MAPPmission in your status, also.

Thank you very much for your participation!