Thursday, February 26, 2009

People without locations... yet

Dear mapperos,

This is some of the people that does not have venues yet:

- Valentina Vitols
    "My proposal is to feature 8 Seattle-based artists (1 or 2 pieces per artist) with pieces that won't be larger than 8 inches on one or both of the sides of the piece. The show would be called Seattle in San Francisco 8x8. The idea is have as different media as possible, including painting, sculpture, music (8 seconds or 8 minutes), photography and video.
    I already have two artists from Seattle that would be ideal for this show (Chris Crites and Diana Falchuk). Once the project gets the green light by the MAPPEROS, I would immediately post the call for entries in several publications related to the art scene here in Seattle at no cost.
    Note than some (if not most) of the pieces will need to be hanged, so hammer and nails are going to be necessary. This means that the venue has to be all right with this."
    She already have some artists:
   1. Chris Crites (
   2. Diana Falchuk (
   3. John Sarkis (
   4. Zimmermann Studio (
   5. Shaun Kardinal (
    She will need wall for to hang the art.

- Kara Andrade
    "I would like to do an installation of this project I coordinated at UC Berkeley:
   The project, developed at the News 21 site at the University of California Graduate School of Journalism, Berkeley is part of the fellowship's 2007 program focusing on "God, Sex and Family." That's where choices about marriage, dating, the building of community, family and faith play out in private life. To see the stories as they unfold over the next three weeks, go to or go to Second Life to see them streamed into different tents created to look and feel like a church revival.
    The final event was a panel discussion on Sunday, July 29 from 12-1:30 PM PST held inworld and broadcast live through SLCN, the Second Life Cable Network. Religion writer and News21 Senior Editor Don Lattin moderated. Panelists include SL worshipers, spiritual leaders, and theologians. For more information contact Kara Andrade: kara.andrade [at] yahoo [dot] com, 510-384-0788 or inworld under KaraAndrade Writer."
She need a video proyector, wireless conection, and a wall to project the video.

- Ytaelena López (artist and curator) + Bruno López (artist) + More artists...
"An live-painting performance on paper mural.
We build a urban landscaping, a imaginary reflexion of Mission District-San Francisco. Inside this lanscaping is the people, that will participate allowing that their outline be taken. Inside this outline of real people, there are imaginaries worlds and face, in a kind of mise in abyme.
We need a big wall, a space for interact with the people around, and nothing more.
This performance can be complemented with music."

Another have tentatives venues, but need get in touch with the space owner o curator. This people are:

- Tania: / Philz cafe
"Our proposal is a cabaret show. This cabaret will include music, dance and performance. "
- Tonny Torrez / Blue House
"Big paintings framed"

- Artist Television Access / Galería de la Raza
"Video projection"

- Carlos Disdier (La Boheme)

If you want to colaborate with them, please get in touch with me or go directly to the online form in the blog:

There are more artists and venues, but they appear before the beginning of the next week. See you!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The last meeting

The last meeting was really productive,

Basically we discuss how the MAPP will work, how to use the online form, the creation of a community curator training program, and the possibility of a collaboration with Nuestra Voz project ( in exchange of free training in how to use the Web 2.0 for to improve the life of Mission Community.

Also, there are a lot of new talented people, willing to collaborate with the MAPP project. We do a tentative distribution of this new artists in the space available:

Blue house / Annete & guitar + Tonny art (3 o 4) + Karen Fox (Danza teatro 7pm)

Galería de la Raza / ATA videos (?) + ____________

La Casa de los Sentidos / Karen Fox (Danza teatro 8pm)

Goforaloop / 8x8 Valentina (need to confirm)?

Secret Garden (full, but we can ask) /

Phils Cafe (need to confirm) / Tania musical troupe

La Boheme (24 & Mission) / La Bohemia (carlos discier, curador) + 8x8 Valentina (need to confirm)?

Lobby of Mission Cultural Center (need to confirm) / Yta mural + Karen fox (9pm)

David Kubrin's Art House/ Lucia Hye Yoon Joo + Jorge musical project

I will share the artists and venues database with all the people registered in the online form this night, I promise!!!

Also, remember that we have a new blog!!! With online submission form, with
venues location map, with everything!

If you are artist, curator o venue and you want to participate in the next MAPP <b>April 4, 2009 </b>, please do the online submission in the new

The next PLANNING meeting will be the Monday March 9 7:0pm @Red Poppy Art House.

Everybody is invited, even those that just want to be volunteer and learn.

See you there!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Preliminar April MAPP Agenda...

Hi everyone!

I am happy the way that last MAPP happened. It was really cool to participated that time. This time will be even better. We are working together in that.

Now I am doing a virtual list of the location for the next MAPP.

- Maison Bleu (Confirmed)
- La Casa de los Sentidos
- Goforaloop Gallery
- Area 2881
- New Doors Ventures
- Peace Planet (2754 Harrison)
-Galeria de la Raza

Tell me if you want to participate too, or better, fill in the online form (

Artist Television Access  want to do some kinda artistic exchange, like project some videos in Galeria de La Raza in exchange of proyect Latino films in ATA. The ATA person in charge is Isabel Fontevilla.

We would love to count, also, with the colaboration of Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts (MCCLA).
Of course, they are more spaces to be reactivated, as Cafe O Brava and so...

Talking about curators, shows and artists,

-Tania Figueroa, Rayma as well 6 girls more (including Maria Loreto), want to do a cabaret with live music and dance. They need space.

-Tony Bravo will curate the Maison Bleau

- Valentina Vitols (Seattle artist that participated the last MAPP) proposed "8x8": eight artists with 2 pieces each with dimensions not larger that 8x8 inches, 8 minutes and another time/space dimension related with 8.

- I can do a big action painting with the help of another artist.

- There is another Indian artist called Sandy Iyer that want to participate with some sculptures and drawings.

- Ingrid Severson want to do a burlesque with political hint ;D

- La Bohemia (Carlos Disdier) want to curate a musical performance

- Fred Adler, a wonderful piano musician, want to play in a musical performance, too.

This incredible menu of talent will be enriched during the next meeting, of course....

Also, there is a proposal that I want to do about digital alphabetization for the Mission community. That will help a lot. But I will talk about that in the next post.

See you this Monday at 7:00 pm in Red Poppy Art House!!!

And remember to fill in the online form:

P.D.: This information is a post of the MAPP blog. If you want to write there, please submit your post at

Thursday, February 19, 2009


In October 2003, a meeting of artist and performers was called together at the Red Poppy Art House (then called Porfilio Is) to discuss the possibility of a monthly alternative multi-venue neighborhood arts & performance event. That meeting was the spark that caught to flame, the beginning of the “Mission Arts Party”, a name coined in this first meeting, inspired by Adrian Arias’s idea to paint a mural “map of emotions” on the Art House wall. Two months later the first MAP took place with four exhibit spaces; one garage curated by Luis Vasquez Gomez and Koch, and three other spaces; the Art House, Musa Alda’s Little Spot Café (the basement), and Musa’s garage, curated by visual artists Veronica Blanco and Todd Brown, and with the help of Martin Arslanian. With no budget and just basic flyering for promotion, the event was a great success. The MAP quickly doubled its size when, the following month, the Mission Cultural Center opened its doors to co-host a MAP exhibition in their main gallery. Also added to the MAP was the local AutoTech Garage, curated by Danny Stuepenagel. (complete with a salsa band with cars on lifts towering above).

From that time the MAP continued to grow and change. Not long after, the name “Mission Arts Party” was changed to “Mission Arts & Performance Project" with the intentionof bringing the greater focus to process of bringing the arts into the community. Performance took an essential role in generating the energy of the MAPP and constituted a significant difference from what would normally be considered just another “art walk”. Throughout 2004 the MAPP expanded with Raquel De Anda and Clara Cheeves joining in as curators. By mid 2005 the organizing body of the MAPP had grown from 3-4 people to 15 (aprox.). By the end of 2005, the MAPP had succeeded in incorporating three local businesses and a number of resident garden spaces. At the end of 2005 the first radio documentary (by nathanael Johnson) was aired on KALW radio.

This information originally comes from the Red Poppy Art House (the founders of the project)