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August 7, 2010 MAPP PROGRAM

If you want to get more information about the MAPP, check the website http// o send us an email at mappmission(arroba)

August 7, 2010 MAPP PROGRAM
August 7, 2010 MAPP August 7, 2010 MAPP

Red Poppy Art House
2698 Folsom
Pablo Velez Villegas
7:00–Hersalia Cantoral: an informal
conversation with a Red Poppy Resident
Artist from Chiapas, Mexico
Paintings: Fernando Diaz
Drawings: Hersalia Cantoral
Photography: Leo Docuyanan
Poetry Installation: Michael Warr
8:30–Claudio Santome: Piazzolla on
9:00–Nefasha Ayer: The Space of In Between
10:00–Michael Warr: Poetry on the
Armageddon of Funk
10:30–Bryan Robledo: MC/hip-hop en
11:00–La Gente: Reggae-Cumbia-Hip Hop

2754 Harrison
Jorge Molina and David Kubrin "
8:30–Intro by David Kubrin
9:05–Marc Kockinos, poetry
9:20–Rebecca Cross, singer songwriter
9:45–David Kubrin, poetry
10:05–Alejandro Chavez, singer song-
10:30–Tureeda Mikell, poetry
11:10–Jorge Molina and the Spontane-
ous Combustion Opera: Luis Carbo,
percussion, Rasul Greyson, saxophone,
Jose Vergelin percussion, Marcelo
Lacourt, drums
11:35–Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney, tribal
and improvisations
Wishing Tree by Anna Fizyta Mara
Kubrin will be serving drinks and Jerico
Lindsey, pecan pie

3109 24th @ Folsom
9:00–Live music by singer songwriter
Vanessa Verlee

Million Fishes
2501 Bryant Street
Lex Non Scripta & Finley Kipp
7:30-8:20–Chocolate Jesus, (Latin, Funk,
8:30-9:20–Johanna Suarez and crew
(live musica Colombiana)
9:30-10:15–La Gente: (Reggae, Latin,
10:20-11:00–L.A.T.V. “Portal of
Discards” art installation by Denise Joy
Amos is a graduated mixed media tube
encasing a series of illustrations. The
portal is comprised of donated &
discovered clothing, textiles and objects.
And exhibitions by the children of the
“Family Art” program
Esperanza Garden
19th @ Florida

Mina Girgis
12-5pm–Music Flea Market: Buy, sell,
exchange, trade, teach, learn, play,
dance, musical instruments, records,
audio equipment, dance costumes. Live
performances and pizza all day.

Ichthus Gallery
1769 15th Street
Soo Ryu and Jose Roslaes
4:00-4:45–Live music by Chocolate
Jesus, and live painting by Camille Motta
5:00-6:00–Carmen Roman :Afrocuban
percussion and dance
6:00-6:45–Screening of short film by
the Latino Film Festival
6:45 -7:30–Johanna Suarez and crew
(musica Colombiana)
7:30-8:00–Joan Cerqueiro.
“Los Hijos del Desvachan”: Permanent
Exhibition (Photography, Paintings, and
sculptures) by Alejandro-Meza Denisse,
Ogata-lava Enguita and additional
photography by Hanna Quebedo

L's Cafe
2871 24th Street
Allyson Seal
6:00-7:00–Chocolate Jesus
7:00-7:30–Barbara Murphy
7:30-8:00–La Gente
8:00-9:00–Bhi Bhiman
9:00-10:00–Alex Eccles of King Baldwin
Visual Art by: Love Story Machine–the
collective, Melisa Phillips, RUBYSPAM,
Howie Katz, Debra Regur

La Victoria Bakery
2937 24th Street
Jaime Maldonado
6:00-10:00–Live music by Classical
Revolution, Ruth Parry, World Sounds,
Guitar & Cajon. Paintings by Scott
Inguito and Ytaelena Lopez

Area 2881
2881 23rd Street (at Florida)
Carl Pisaturo
An immersive Micromuseum of operat-
ing Lumino-Kinetic and Robotic Sculp-
ture; 3D Photography; Structures and
Curiosities of human and natural origin.

Progressive Grounds Cafe
2301 Bryant @ 21st
6:00-8:00–Live music
Blue House
2548 Folsom
Tony Bravo
7:30–Vanessa Valencia, singer
8:00–Adam Cornford, poet and novelist
8:25–Theresa Dickinson, dancer and
Alejandro Chavez, singer
8:45–Tony Bravo,
vaudevillian-”Horizontally Speaking”
9:10–Xavier Jurado, singer-songwriter
9:30–Dash Kamm, poet
9:45–Martina Castro, singer and Jesse
Heurlin, guitarist–"Blue Heartbreak

Galería de La Raza
2857 24th Street
6:00-9:00–YTREBIL: Prints and draw-
ings by Enrique Chagoya. YTREBIL
features a survey of Chagoya's work
including monoprints, paintings and
Galeria de la Raza is pleased to present
YTREBIL, a solo exhibition featuring
prints and drawings by San Francisco
based artist, Enrique Chagoya. Born in
Mexico City in the mid-1950s, Chagoya
came to the U.S. in 1977. As a result,
his work is immersed in the contradic-
tions of "belonging" to both sides of the
border. Within the framework of his
work, "the border" refers not only to his
bi-national, bi-cultural identity, but also
to conceptual borders and the fine line
that divides colonial and post-colonial
interpretations of power.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

MAPP program April 3, 2010

1458 San Bruno Ave (near 24th and Potrero)
Curator: Matt Leunig
"From My Ears.. to God's Eyes," celebrating the art of Matt Leunig. With the performances by:
Brown Dwarf: 9:00 - 9:20
Tokyo Raid: 9:45 - 10:15
Heavy Hills: 10:30 - 11:00
Ferocious Few: 11:15 - 11:45

2754 Harrison btwn 23rd and 24th.
Curators: David Kubrin and Jorge Molina
Bob Thawley, Visual Artist-leaflets & David Solnit, Puppets Organizer will be featured throughout the night 8:00 Intro By David Kubrin.
8:30 Navja Sol, poetry.
8:45 Xia "Shay" piano solo.
9:00 Avotcja, poetry.
9:30 Rebecca Cross, singer songwriter.
10:00 David Kubrin, poetry.
10:30 Alejandro Chavez, singer songwriter
11:00 Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney multi-instrumentalist.
11:30 Jorge Molina piano, Raul Vargas percussion, Diana Gameros voice and guitar.
Special guests.

Studio 24
2857 24th St @ Bryant
Curator: George Brais
Experience an evening of sound and visuals that will surely take you on a journey...7:30 Ben Thompson (Electronic) 8:00 Maxwell Citron (Sound and Lights) 9:00 George Brais & leaf Tine (Sound Scape) 9:00 Open Collaboration Amongst Artists

kaleidoscope free speech zone
3109 24th st @ folsom next door to philz coffee.
Curator: sara powell
9:00 - 12:00 Local singer/songwriter Mark David Ashworth will be performing with a trio for this MAPP event that will also be Ashworth's CD release party for his latest CD Bright is the Ring of Words on Autobus. Also, Mira Cook and and The Beehavers will open.

Galería de la Raza
2857 24th St @ Bryant
Hollywoodpedia, a large-scale video-installation, which compiles visual dialogues extracted from films that the artist has edited and grouped according to twelve specific concepts such as love, forgiveness, death and war.
Mexico City artist Artemio Narro is one of the founding members of the alternative art space La Panadería, and part of the generation of Mexican artists that came of age in the mid 1990s who proposed artistic alternatives in video, installation and performance to the rise of neo-Mexican art and painting of the 1980s. 

Red Poppy Art House
2698 folsom st @ 23rd.
Curators: Red Poppy Resident Artists
1PM- Midnight
1PM-4PM: Family Art Activities
EXHIBIT: Mixed Media Paintings, Silkscreens, "Trash Vortex Map", and Live Works: Michele King, Adrian Arias, Fernando Diaz, and Michael Warr.
8:00PM: Benn Bacot / Jazz Vocalist
8:45PM:  Michael Warr / Poems from "The Armageddon of Funk"
8:55PM: Prasant Radhakrishnan / South Indian Classical Music
9:30PM: Michael Warr / Poems from "The Armageddon of Funk"
9:50PM: Rupa Marya / Songs on Guitar
10:35PM: Maria Machetes / Songs & Cajon
11:00PM: Adrian Arias / Poetry / Breve Historia del Dolor
11:20PM:Meklit Hadero / Songs on Guitar

The Box Factory
865 Florida St. #1, Between 20th and 21st
Curators: bernadette & Simantha Giron
Theme: "Into the Void"
Dance Video Performances:
7:30-7:40 Samantha Giron Dance Company
7:45 DJ Bloodroot Set7:45
8-8:10 Samantha Giron Dance Company
8:15 DJ Bloodroot Set
8:30 Samantha Giron Dance Company
DJ Bloodroot Set
Vegan Tamales (Brazen Nectar- Vegan, Gluten Free)
Rebecca Shirtzer, Aaron Perry-Zucker, Jessica Diaz, bernadette, Amy Bark, Jeremy Sanders, Doyle Johnson
Hanna Quevedo visual digital projection
Performance description: "x ist in ab sense”
Video / Sound / Live Movement Collaboration

Area 2881
2881 23rd Street (at Florida)
Curator: Carl Pisaturo
Robotic, Kinetic, Light sculpture & 3D photographs of Carl Pisaturo

Mission: Comics and Art
3520 20th St
Curator: Leef Smith LIVE MUSIC!!!
THE LINE UP: Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound, Black Eagle Trust and Shy Grape and the debut of Agents of Venus, playing a rare live acoustic set in honor of their new CD Boduvt,
EXHIBITION: Andy Ristaino has been described as the "William S. Burroughs/Charlie Kaufman of alternative comix" by the locally founded arts and culture magazine, Hi-Fructose. His comic work includes two Graphic Novels - "ESCAPE From DULLSVILLE" and “THE BABYSITTER”.

The secret garden
Harrison St (btw 23rd & 24th)
Curator: The N.I.C.E Project
5:30-7:00: Discussion with NICEproject, garden folk, and Tree
7:20-7:45: Monica Fimbrez (music)
7:45-7:55: Sylvia Hathaway (dance/theatre)
7:55-8:20: Jonathan Stephen (music)
8:20-8:35 Break
8:35-9:05: Karamo Susso (music/kora)
9:05-9:20: Juan Alvarado Valdivia (prose)
9:20-9:50: Xavier Jurado (music/guitar)

Ichtus Galery
1769 15th street @ 15th and Valencia
Curator: Soo Ryu
6:30 Artivism by Nikki
7:00 Paper Lanterns
7:20 Octjado
7:50 Vanessa Valencia
8:30-9:30 Alejandro Chavez
9:30 The Rhythm Gypsy
10:10 Soul Simple

L's cafe
2871 24th St (between Bryant St & Florida St)
Curator: La Bohemia Productions
7:15pm-8:00pm Singer Songwriter: Naima Shalhoub
8:00pm-8:50pm Singer Songwriter: Seth Augustus
9:00pm-9:50pm Puerto Rican Plena: Hector Lugo + Friends
9:50pm-10:30pm Singer Songwriter: Diana Gameros

Precita Eyes 2981 24th street
Curator: Ariana Terrence
7-11 p.m, featuring themes of our new book, Mission Muralismo. We will have a live dj, a no host bar, artist exhibits and tables. Precita Eyes Muralists will be selling our new book, as well as various other mural merchandise.

Revolution Cafe
3248 22nd St (btwn Mission & Valencia)
Curator: Drake Logan
9am to 2am: Get Into It: 3D Sculptural Art Installation by Elizabeth Amento, with video by Ian Colon.
6-7pm: Salena spins original electronic music.
9pm to Midnight: Live jazz by Gonzalo Beraga.

La Victoria Bakery
24th & Victoria
Curator: Jaime Maldonado
7:30 Nicole Barnes (Poetry)
8:00 to 10:00 Joan Cerqueiro (Singer/Songwriter) Also, will Feature Katia Rossikhina's art throughout the night

3235 Mission (at Valencia, south of Chavez a few blocks)
Curator: Drake Logan
7:30am-11pm: Photography by Rachel Granofsky, Paintings by Amelia Lewis. 7:00-8:30pm: Live music by Cermak.
8:30pm-10:00pm: Live jazz by Isaac Schwartz.

199 Capp St. @ 17th & Capp
Curator: Alex Greenburg
8PM-Midnight: Live Jazz & Rock, Poetic Performance, and Art throughout the night.

Stations of the Cross.
 1133 Florida Street.
Curator: Annie Seward
8pm-9pm "Stations of the Cross", a religious theater representation made by the local church. Our venue is only visual (no music or anything), and meant for reflection upon each station.  It is a walk through St. John's view of the crucifixion

Million Fishes Art Gallery
2501 Bryant St
“TAKSU and the Dusk of Time”
8:00pm - 11:00pm Million Fishes Artists Collective premieres their new group show, TAKSU and the Dusk of Time, featuring original music, dance, performance, and a diversity of visual art & installation. Focused on the persistence of humanity’s creative fire — despite the cataclysmic conditions of any age — this show presents a flood of artistic offerings set amidst a Living Room from the Dusk of Time.
Who: Tyson Ayers, Walker Babington, Brent Bishop, Frank Callozzo, Wendy Darling, Rich DDT, Mary Franck, Mikie Graham, Damon MacGregor, Carlos Marulanda, Marilyn McNeal, Lex McQuilkin, Christina Miglino, Joel Stockdill, Jonathan Warner

If you want to get more information about the MAPP, check the website http// o send us an email at

Monday, March 29, 2010

MAPP event this APRIL 3, 2010

The Mission Arts & Performance Project is a bi-monthly collaboration between visual artists, musicians, poets and performers. The MAPP puts art and performance on the street level by using alternative spaces such as private garages, basements, and studios. It’s a block party of the arts for inspiring in ourselves, and others, the desire for a creative existence, an ever widening experience of life.

Among the venues confirmed, we have:
Red Poppy Art House
Revolution Cafe
L's Caffe
And much more!!!

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to share and enjoy the charm of Mission and their wonderful, talented artists.
It is free!!

I will post the whole program in a couple of days... stay tuned.

See you there...

If you want to get more information about the MAPP, check the website http// o send us an email at

If you want to participate, just submit your proposal here at the end of this blog.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

MAPP PROGRAM February 6, 2010

1458 San Bruno Ave (near 24th and Portero)
Curator: Evi Ellias & Phoebe Gelfand
Guess Who? The Mystery-in-your-face Game
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 6th, 4-8 PM, Free & All Ages We invite visitors to play a life-size version of the game “Guess Who?” and explore what art in a gallery can be, when it is taken down from the wall and placed in the hands of its audience. Guess Who? The Mystery-in-your-face Game is an interactive, site specific, group show, featuring the work of 19 artists from the Bay Area, Northern California, New York, Texas and beyond.

2754 Harrison btwn 23rd and 24th.
Curators: David Kubrin and Jorge Molina
8:00 Jack Hirshman
8:30 Classical Revolution
9:15 Alejandro Chavez (Singer/Songwriter)
10:00 David Kubrin (Poetry)
10:20 Jorge Molina (Pianist) Luis Carbo (percussion), Raul Vargas, (percussion). Spontaneous Combustion Opera.
11:00 Nicole Klaymoon, (poetry).
11:20 Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney

Studio 24
2857 24th St @ Bryant
Curator: George Brais
7:30 to 7:50 "Jean Claude" (Indegineous Music)
7:50 to 8:10 The Rhythm Gypsy, (singer/songwriter)
8:10 to 8:30 Octjado (Singer/Songwriter)
8:30 to 9:00 George Brais (New age Soundscape Collaboration)
9:00 to 9:30 Ben Thompson and Tony Kiser (Electronica and didgeridoo collaboration)
Featuring poetry throughout by Paper Lanterns

kaleidoscope free speech zone
3109 24th st @ folsom next door to philz coffee.
Curator: Sara Powell
Piano concert by Fred Adler and Natasha Feygina and nature photography by melissa agocs @ 9 pm

Galería de la Raza
2857 24th St @ Bryant
Galeria de la Raza presents the U.S. premiere of Hollywoodpedia, a solo exhibition by Mexico City conceptual artist, Artemio, in collaboration with Queens Nails Projects

Red Poppy Art House
2698 folsom st @ 23rd.
Curator: Fatimata Vetu
Workshops 2:30pm: Free Salsa Workshop (A. Cortes-Juarbe)
1:00pm-4:00pm: Free Family Art Activities (Outdoors)
12:30pm-4:30pm: participatory installation: Scott Polach
Exhibition“El Aeropuerto Arias”: A family of 3 generations of artists from Peru.
Luis Arias Vera, Adrian Arias, Anais Arias-Aragon
6:30pm-8:00pm: Discussion on art and ecology, the NICEproject, Saif Ali, Jayaranjan Anthonypillai, Jen Banta, Michelle K. Lynch, Melita Morales
8:31pm: Bob Holman & Karamo Susso / Poetry & Kora Music
9:16pm: Not Even the San Joaquin / M. Warr, A. Keirbel, T. Brown
9:33pm: Prasant Radhakrishnan / South Indian Carnatic Solo
10:01pm: Meklit Hadero & Aaron Keirbel / Songs
10: 37pm: Encuentamiento Story-telling / Bryan Robledo, Pablo Velez
11:07pm: Maria Machetes / Voice, cajon
11:27pm: Johanna Suarez & Rosa los Santos / Voice, guitar, cajon

The Box Factory
865 Florida St. #1, Between 20th and 21st
Curator: Tim Hingston
Age of Aquari-yes Celebration!
7pm - 12am
Music / spoken-word / video screening – Manu Francisco & Jelani Lateef
Live jazz / funk from the Aaron Leese Trio
Photography - Hal Bergman
Wallspace curated by Bernadette
Spontaneous Salsa – Cassandra Clark & Xavier Serrato
Transformation station w/ photo booth, Houka tent and more!

Rosie's Cheeks Garage
1132 Florida St. @ 23rd/24th
Curator: The Lowbrow Society for the Arts
Come enjoy a night of nostalgia for childhood fairs, right in the comfort of your city...
Hay Rides! Popcorn! Cider! Bobbing for apples! Face painting! Games and prizes throughout the night.
Fantastic visual art by 10 different fantastic artists-covering family freakshows to crazy costume shoots to americana collages.
Performances by:
8:45 Mugg Muggles, The man with the Jive
9:30 The Ukulady
10:15 Waltzing Matilda The One Beer Prophet
and a special appearance by: Dr. FeelFine, an Eco-Carny from the Big Tadoo Puppet Crew

199 Capp St @ 17th & Capp
Curator: Alex Greenburg
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 6th, 8pm-12am, Free & All Ages
Sebastian Parker: wood sculpture & furniture design
Alex Greenburg: photographs & slideshows on the hour

Area 2881
2881 23rd Street (at Florida)
Curator: Carl Pisaturo
Kinetic, Robotic, Light Art, 3D photography of Carl Pisaturo8pm - midnight

Sunrise Cafe
3126 24th St
Curator: Alfonso Texidor
"El Amor y la Amistad" Art Show
El Amor y la Amistad se festejan felizmente en el Sunrise Restaurant (3126 24th St.) con una Exhibicion de Artes Plasticas, organizada por Maestros y Estudiantes del area de la Mision... Se invita a todos, para asistir al evento el mes entrante, especialemente el dia de la inauguracion, el 6 de febrero, a partir de las 5pm... NO DEJEN DE ASISTIR!
We will be celebrating love and friendship next month at Sun Rise Restaurant (3126 24th St.) with an exhibit of visual artists, organized by students and teachers from the Mission District... Everyone is welcome to come by and check out the art, and also to attend the opening day, February 6, starting at 5pm... DON'T MISS THIS EVENT!
Raul Florez, Carlos Soberanis, Shara Nieto, Ramon Hernandez, Candelaria Villegas, Francisco Soto (FASO), Genesis Soto, Vladimir Cuevas, Antonio Herta, Sr. y Magdalena Florez
Alfonso Texidor, Jackie Mendez, y Paul Florez
Ernesto Jimenez, Rosa Muda y Canea Martinez

Mission: Comics and Art
3520 20th St
Curator: Leef Smith
Mission: Comics & Art presents "All The Best," by San Francisco artist Josh Ellingson, whose artwork draws inspiration from comic books, classic sci-fi movies, video games, pop-culture and the potential of the human mind.