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Maison Bleu
2548 Folsom Street between 22st and 21st
Curator: Tony Bravo
Vaudeville for the 21st century and beyond featuring music, dance, poetry and theater.
Visual art by Tonny Torrez
7 PM Karen Fox (Dance/Theather) "Alma Mater" emerges 1st Phase
7:30 Annette Bohle songs
8 PM Vaudevillian Tony Bravo accompanied by Mrs. Bohnye Bice- Mad About The Boy
8:40 PM Adam Cornford poet
9:oo pm ZaZa Dance Improv
with Theresa Dickinson, Maica Folch and MamaCoAtl on vocals
Roberto Haven on Sax

Red Poppy (outside)
2698 folsom st @ 23rd.
Curator: Luis Vasquez
12:00 - 4:00 PM
Street installation (during the MAPP for children)
Curator & artist: Adrian Arias
More @
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
"A Depression Refugee", a interactive installation with painting that recreate a Latin American favela where the participants can release their feelings about the actual recession. (Bruno López, Ytaelena López)

Secret Garden
23rd and Harrison
Curator: Robert Marosi
5:00PM-7:00PM Afiora Quartet (contemporary classical), Classical Revolution (chamber), Evi Ellias (installation) Gavin Lord (installation)
8:30 Claire Monica Dixon/Dancer: 8:30
9:15 "Visibility".
Joti Levy- lead vocalist
Giles Charle- Mandolin
David Rosenfeld- Fiddle and Percussion
The trumpet player/frugal horn player's: Chris Brown
10:00 Norman Zelaya/ Stand Up Comedy

L's Caffe 2871 24th @ Bryant
La Bohemia
8:00 PM 23rd Street Poets (Cesar Love, Tressa Berman, Sally Anne Frye, Alice Rogoff)
8:00-8:40- Alfredo Gomez
8:40-9:20- Colin O'leary
9:20-10:00- Joan Cerqueiro
Between performances - 23rd Street Poets (Cesar Love, Tressa Berman, Sally Anne Frye, Alice Rogoff)

Area 2881
2881 23rd Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
Curator: Carl Pisaturo
"Kinetic / Robotic / Light Art"
Micro-museum of functioning electomechanical, robotic and light art. The works in the permanent collection are designed and crafted by Carl Pisaturo. For more information visit

2754 Harrison btwn 23rd and 24th.
Curator: Jorge Molina
Karla Claudio Betancourt----Video Instalation
Lukas Lukasik ---Theatre and Video Instalations
Laurie Schoeman ----Paintings
Introduction by David Kubrin and Jorge Molina
7:30 Taisha Gable, Poetry.
8:00 Temomo and Yakuba--African music from Burkina Fasso and Guinea.
8:40 Avoctja---Poetry, percussion and storytelling.
8:50 Karen Fox, Alma Mater sing, 1st Phase
9:00 Rebecca Cross-- Singer-Songwriter
9:30 Cordelia Brown---Poetry
10:00 Jorge Molina, Raul Vargas, IndreViscontas--Spontaneus combustion opera
10:30 David Kubrin---Poetry and jazz seccion by Magic Brook
11:00 Dance tribal transperformance by Aloma and Miracles.
11:30 Closing Ritual Jam

Goforaloop Gallery
1458 San Bruno ave., near the corner of 24th and Portero.
Curator: Kaouru Fijita
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Seattle sojourns at Mission District. Seattle-based artists visit the MAPP. (Curated By Valentina Vitols)
Visual art by:
Becca Vershbow
Max Ehrman
Ian Hart
Matt Leunig
Rob Racine
Shelby Ulibarri
Shaun Kardinal (Seatle based)
Devon Kerr (Seatle based)
Denis Zimmermann (Seatle based)

Galería de la Raza
2857 24th St @ Bryant
2:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Galeria de la Raza's Studio 24

Crucero Artero: A bi-monthly arts bazaar in Studio 24
Featuring; Itzpaplotl, Raul Aguilar, Txutxo Perez, Desfio Qutur (Maga Rincon), Coma and Cotto, Jamie Lau, Extra Fuerte, Frolick Jewelry, David Taffolla, Silly Dot, Irina Kendrova, Aydasara Ortega, Laura Campos

Crucero Artero is a bi-monthly crossroads of art, livelihood, y comunidad in the heart of the Mission.

Come support and discover local arteros(artists), designers, and crafteros doin their thing. These artists represent the Galeria's mission to support the work of local artists by providing a venue to show their arte. We are proud to host these bazaars and believe that the dazzling array of artistry speaks for itself.
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Artist Television Access short films projections
"Deliberate Motion: Video Instillations by Mike Missiaen"
Mike Missiaen is a local artist who works with video and film. For this
exhibition he has gathered together three of his video instillations.
These works are varied and address different themes. One piece examines
the anxiety induced by dealing with bureaucracy. Another looks at the
inertia in our daily routines. The last appraises the beauty and grace
of falling objects. The elements that link these disparate pieces are
the use of carefully staged shots and slow motion to illuminate
overlooked moments.

New Door
3075 21st Street SF 94110
Curator: Local 365
7:00 PM - 12:00 AM "The Jazz Mafia MAPP"
As part of Jazz appreciation month, and in conjunction with the SFJazz premiere of "Beats, Bows & Brass" Local 365 Proudly Presents... The Jazz Mafia MAPP: A celebration of the music, the visual art and the creative community that is the Jazz Mafia
Live music by Jazz Mafioso's Danny Grewen, Joe Cohen, Seneca and friends; with an exhibition by local artists & photographers featuring live art and photography done with the Jazz Mafia from 2003-2009.
FREE Arts & Crafts Projects for the public! Our Famous Local 365 BAKE SALE, featuring our infamous mafia mom cakes!!! ALL AGES!!!

The Box Factory
645 Florida St. #1, Between 20th and 21st
Curator: Jarrod Cluck
The Box Factory is a working collaborative/ home of musicians artists and photographers.
Paintings by Jarrod Cluck:
Photographs by Michael Strandjord:
Noise installation by Robbie Cluck:
Additional noise by Jarrod Cluck
Noise starts at 8:00

La Boheme
3318 24th St
Curator: Valentina Vitols
"VAGABUNDA POR EL MUNDO", a itinerant photography show about Latin America and their faces

Casa de los sentidos (outside in the street)
2649 Folsom @ 23rd Street
Curators: Karen Fox, Performance Artist and Evelyn Ellias, Installation Artist
8:00 "Alma Mater observes. (Part of "Sacre Bleu" a performance that moves through the M.A.P.P.)
2nd Phase- She observes what is happening on the surface of earth (her body), the street, the people, nature, technology...
Karen Fox (performer) and Evelyn Ellias (installation artist) present present a musical performance that moves throughout the M.A.P.P. (Maison Bleu, Casa de los Sentidos, Pathos on Harrison), invoking the voice of 'Alma Mater' (an aspect of mother earth) with dance, sculpture, music and humor. Karen Fox performs. Ms. Ellias has designed a sculptural landscape/costume, which enhances this metamorphic blending, and evokes images of mother coming out from the volcano, entering an ongoing exchange between timeless wild nature and contemporary urban woman.

Sunrise Cafe
3126 24th St
Curator: Walter Gomez
6PM film Los Guaraguao
7PM Daniel Alvarenga Central American Poem & Song
8PM Enrique Ramirez Legendary Barrio Mssion Trovadour
9PM open mic

Radio Havana
1109 Valencia St
10:00 PM - 12:00 PM Live music

Street installation
Red Poppy Art House / Philz Coffe / Galeria de la Raza / Million Fishes / Red Poppy
Curator & artist: Adrian Arias
More @

Jack's Club
2545 24th Street @ Utah
7pm-10 Classical Revolution

3109 24th Street @ Folsom
7pm til late Joe Lewis' Makeshift Jam

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