Saturday, March 28, 2009

The last meeting... MAPP meeting, March 23, 2009

March 23, 2009
1- Jarrod Cluck talk about his proposal, the Box Factory Club
2- Sally Anne Frye talk about his project, the poetry collective 23rd Street Poets (Cesar Love, Tressa Berman, Sally Anne Frye,  Alice Rogoff)
3- Peter represent a group of musicians from SF (Mission) and Oakland that will bring his art from his label from the next MAPP
4- Carlos Disdier will present music and poetry reading in L's Cafe: Alfredo Gomez, Colin O'leary and Joan Cerqueiro.
5- Karen will do dance-music in diferents location. Also, she want to do an installation in front of the Blue House driveway.
6- Karen, from the Gorofaloop, will present their own artist. Also, will host the Seatle art show. Plus music live, too.
7- Todd maybe host a afterparty. Also, bring the topic about how to maintan the art space in a context of economical depression and real state rising place.
8- Discussion of the idea of bi-mothly parties for funding the MAPP. We wait the opinion of the people. Jorge Ollanta offer her band to support the idea, but we need to set the time with at least one month in avance.
9- Jorge Ollanta told us about the program that he have in David's house, just during his B-Day: storytellings, visual art, multimedia show and sculture.
10- Lucia will do an sculpture in David's house.
11- Mural installation in Red Poppy.
12- Todd give us advice how to write a grand for support MAPP, but is difficult, specially at firt time. He suggest to do a party in Little Baobah instead, and take the money that we colect in the door ($7) for funding the MAPP. The big question if how will be keeping the door during 5 hours. He suggest to do shift (1:30 pm) for allow the people enjoy the party. 
Also, he suggest to do the party the same month of the MAPP, just the friday after the MAPP, beggining this April. 
13- 10:00 pm - 12:00 pm Espacio available in Radio Habana... ____ poet suggested.  Karen offer herself, too.
14- Another point: how to promote the event in the web and in the community. Suggest to post the information in the event social networks, but also to leave the programs in the public places in the community.
15- How to promote the MAPP in the community? Be inclusive? Invite the people in cafes, restaurant, school, etc...

The information is available at: 

(Notes taken by Ytaelena. Sorry about misspelling. If you see some information missing, please write me an email)


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