Sunday, February 22, 2009

Preliminar April MAPP Agenda...

Hi everyone!

I am happy the way that last MAPP happened. It was really cool to participated that time. This time will be even better. We are working together in that.

Now I am doing a virtual list of the location for the next MAPP.

- Maison Bleu (Confirmed)
- La Casa de los Sentidos
- Goforaloop Gallery
- Area 2881
- New Doors Ventures
- Peace Planet (2754 Harrison)
-Galeria de la Raza

Tell me if you want to participate too, or better, fill in the online form (

Artist Television Access  want to do some kinda artistic exchange, like project some videos in Galeria de La Raza in exchange of proyect Latino films in ATA. The ATA person in charge is Isabel Fontevilla.

We would love to count, also, with the colaboration of Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts (MCCLA).
Of course, they are more spaces to be reactivated, as Cafe O Brava and so...

Talking about curators, shows and artists,

-Tania Figueroa, Rayma as well 6 girls more (including Maria Loreto), want to do a cabaret with live music and dance. They need space.

-Tony Bravo will curate the Maison Bleau

- Valentina Vitols (Seattle artist that participated the last MAPP) proposed "8x8": eight artists with 2 pieces each with dimensions not larger that 8x8 inches, 8 minutes and another time/space dimension related with 8.

- I can do a big action painting with the help of another artist.

- There is another Indian artist called Sandy Iyer that want to participate with some sculptures and drawings.

- Ingrid Severson want to do a burlesque with political hint ;D

- La Bohemia (Carlos Disdier) want to curate a musical performance

- Fred Adler, a wonderful piano musician, want to play in a musical performance, too.

This incredible menu of talent will be enriched during the next meeting, of course....

Also, there is a proposal that I want to do about digital alphabetization for the Mission community. That will help a lot. But I will talk about that in the next post.

See you this Monday at 7:00 pm in Red Poppy Art House!!!

And remember to fill in the online form:

P.D.: This information is a post of the MAPP blog. If you want to write there, please submit your post at

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