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Updated Invitation: MAPP meeting @ Mon Aug 31 7pm – 9pm (

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MAPP meeting

Mon Aug 31 7pm – 9pm
(Timezone: Pacific Time)
2754 Harrison btwn 23rd and 24th., San Francisco, CA (map)

Other attendees: 66 people

Hi mapperos!

This is the list of the musician availables:
(Some of the musician maybe are already included in the program of some venues. My advise is JUST TRY, SEND THEM AN EMAIL directly)

1- Ben Thompson

I play electronic music live using my laptop and software. It borders on experimental but is dance music and it would be fun to get a little dance party going. Also if there is anyone who would want to collaborate and do some visuals that would be really cool too. The idea would be to play for an hour or so and create a fun musical environment where people can come a dance, listen to new music, and meet new people. Ultimately have a good time. You can check stuff out Cool and Thanks!

2- Shadows on the Water

Experimental rock ensemble with influences from many different genres.

3- Tony Kiser

I am a solo didjeridu artist. I play didj on an acoustic level as well as amplified. I incorperate a digital effects pedal in my music. I am a very percusive player but also able to create some very interesting dynamics in ambient spaces with the use of effects. I work with and colaberate with world drummers and guitarists. I also perform with a few singer song writers so I would also be able to come as a collective of artists as well I belong to a belly dance troupe as a musician so could possibly perform on that level also. I have a my space where a few examples of my music can be heard also a brief bio as well as pictures of some of my performances can be viewed. I would be more than happy to perform in any of the venues you have available.

4- Jean Claude

All Love Production will play passionate Indeginous Music from his tribe back home.

5- Vanessa Valencia

Smooth and easy to listen, calm and collective, acoustic, with deep lyrics, and lots of soul!

6- Sandra Dolores Swanfeldt

I am solo acoustic guitar, folk/pop. Depending on how much time I have to prepare, and which date I would be performing, I can bring in another player to sit in with me. But I can also play solo acoustic. Either way I can support my own sound, but if there is a sound system already set up, that would be helpful. I can go either way. I have my own equipment.

7- leaf Tine

Softly Spoken, a participatory ritual incorporating new media, video, soundscape, and performance. Two main artists and as many participants as choose to join. Features a an interactive video feedback loop filtered via computer. The show in its entirety is described in "Contextualizing "Softly Spoken" at I will only need space and electricity. I have all other equipment. I do however request that I be able to darken the space to near or total darkness.

If any of the artist that I cited have venue or are not planning to participate in the next MAPP (October 3), let me know.

At last, remember that tomorrow we have a meeting at David's house (2754 Harrison btwn 23rd and 24th., San Francisco, CA) at 7pm.
The head of the next meeting will be Kaoru and George. Please remember to submit your proposal (even if is not so much detailed) at this link:

See you!

(and Kaoru, George, Jorge, and all MAPEROS)

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