Monday, August 31, 2009

Notes about the last MAPP meeting

Hello mapperos,

1- This is the list of the people looking for space. If you have space available for them, please contact them directly and send us a copy of the email to

Nadia Shihab (musical performance)                           
    "I'm a solo artist that creates music and soundscapes through improvization, repetition, delay and the use of my violin, keyboard, and loop pedal.  All I need is space to play, and access to an electrical outlet. My sets usually last 30 minutes, but I am also willing/able to play periodic short 10-15 minute sets throughout the night."

Ben Thompson
  "  I play electronic music live using my laptop and software. It borders on experimental but is dance music and it would be fun to get a little dance party going. Also if there is anyone who would want to collaborate and do some visuals that would be really cool too. The idea would be to play for an hour or so and create a fun musical environment where people can come a dance, listen to new music, and meet new people. Ultimately have a good time. You can check stuff out Cool and Thanks!

2- This is the list of the place that are planning to participate this MAPP:

KALEIDOSCOPY (plenty of space for visual art!)
PATHOS (full)
LA BOHEME CAFE (full, but negociable)
AREA 2882 (full, but a solo instrument player negociable)
GOROFALOOP (not sure, but don't hurt ask is there are space available)
LA CASA DE LOS SENTIDOS (not sure, but don't hurt ask is there are space available)
CITY ART GALLERY   (empty. Perfect for any kind of music, except the crazy one that put in risk the integrity of the art :P )
COCOON (not sure, but don't hurt ask is there are space available)

We need confirmation of:


Is there any another venues that are planning to participate not included here?
PLEASE email me back ( or apply to:
We love need venues, new people, new talent... we love you!

3- If you need more artist and you don't know who to contact, you have two options:
Review the submissions and email the artists that participated in the last editions.
Too complicated? Send an email (or call) Jorge Molina ( or ask advise to Red Poppy.

Remember, the next meeting is Monday 7pm at David's house. I will send you the information by email.

Gracias por estar allĂ­.
Thank you for to be there, Mappperos.

Ytaelena Lopez
(and Kaoru Fujita, George Brais, Jorge Molina and all mapperos)

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